Instructor Tom Berry

Tom began teaching small arms in the US Navy as a Torpedoman and Diver on a fast attack submarine in the early '60's. Later Tom joined the Platte County MO Sheriff's Department where he served for ten years as a Road Patrol officer, evidence search dog handler, assisting investigations, and two years on the special response (SRT) team. Tom has been a Detective, Firearms instructor and a member of the METRO Squad for two local Police Departments. Tom is an NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Home Defense Instructor, a Certified FBI Rangemaster and Missouri State Public Safety (POST) Specialist Instructor in Firearms.


*Missouri CCW

*Basic Pistol

*Tactical Pistol

*Situational Awareness

*Retired Officer Qualification

*Security Officer Qualification

Instructor Herb


Herb is a 27 year veteran of Missouri and Federal law enforcement.  He began his career  in the Air Force as a K-9 Handler and member of the EST Team (Emergency Services Team).  He then spent 14 years with Platte County Sheriff's Department as the Lead Firearms Instructor and Defensive Tactics Instructor, Armorer, Road Patrolman, Major Crimes Detective and as a Pointman and Teamleader of the SRT Team (Special Response Team).  After 9/11

Herb joined the United States Federal Air Marshal Service.  His primary duties were to detect, deter and to defeat any hostile or terroristic acts against the USA. 

Herb is a certified instructor in the following areas-

Glock Armorer, Range Safety Officer Instructor, Practical Shooting Tactics for Home Defense, Rifle & Shotgun and Situational Awareness classes. 


*Basic Pistol Training

*Advanced Pistol Training

*Intro into Tactical Shooting & Situational Awareness

*CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) Certification

*Basic Shotgun & Rifle

*Security Officer Pre-Qualification

*Range Safety Officer NRA Certification

*Church Security Training

Instructor Don


Don possesses decades of experience as a Certified Firearms Instructor.  He began his journey in the US Air Force, Platte County Sheriff's Office and Clay County Medical Examiners Office. Don is a Gunsmith, Federal Firearms license holder, as well as a Glock, Smith & Wesson and Sig Sauer Armorer.  Don's experience and credentials are too lengthy to list in entirety.

Don is a certified instructor in the following areas-

Glock  / Smith
& Wesson / Sig Saur Armorer and NRA certified pistol Instructor



* Learn to Shoot

* Security Licensing Qualification

* Retired Officer Qualification

Instructor Howard Scott

Howard is a 17 year veteran of Missouri and Kansas law enforcement and is a current police supervisor.  He is a certified police instructor and investigator. 

He has 13 years experience as a firearms instructor (pistol, shotgun and patrol rifle) as well as an Armorer.

In addition to training law enforcement, he provides training to civilians and youth as he is also a BSA rifle shooting and shotgun shooting merit badge counselor.  

* This instructor's classes are POST certified for student credit.  Civilian students are eligible to sign up for the classes.


* Basic pistol (Missouri CEUs)

* Basic shotgun (Missouri CEUs)

* Learn to shoot

* Youth Firearms Program

* BSA Rifle Shooting merit badge

Instructor Dove Thompson

Dove is a 21 year veteran of Missouri & Kansas Law enforcement. A majority of  her career has been as a police trainer. She was a DARE Instructor in middle school for 5 years and has served as an investigator.

She is a RAD, Rape Aggression Defense instructor, teaching women how to protect themselves from attacks. She is also a defensive tactics instructor.

She began teaching women the basics of pistol shooting so they could learn

in a non-intimidating class to feel comfortable handling, cleaning, storing, carrying and shooting a pistol.



* Woman Only NRA Basic Pistol Course