Claycomo Shooters Indoor Range is re-named and under new ownership.  The Firearms Range and Archery Range is now open seven days a week!  The Gunsmith is available by appointment. Training Classes are currently listed on our Facebook page and website!  The gun store is coming soon. 

This facility hosts an indoor shooting range, training facility and gun store as well as an indoor archery range.  The facility is available to the public, private agencies and government agencies.  Parking is available anywhere around the building.  The front door (former gun store entrance) now houses another business (Homeland Security Protective Service) and does not accommodate entry to the range or gun store.  The range entrance will be marked once renovation of the gun store is complete.  Currently temporary entry to the range is on the east side of the building. 

Ranges & Classroom

Claycomo Shooters Indoor Range hosts 12 individual range positions for single shooters.  Six are located upstairs (22 yards) and six are located downstairs (25 yards).

Targets are controlled with an automatic device which moves the target to your desired distance.  This is controlled by the shooter.

The facility is largely climate controlled.  Heat is provided in the winter.  Air condition is pending and will soon be implemented. 

Eye & ear protection is available for rent and paper targets are available for purchase.  Some ammunition is available now with more arrivals coming soon.

A large classroom is available for rental and internal training classes we offer.  This classroom is equipped with an internet connection, projector, white board, computer and microphone system.   The classroom can accommodate about 25 students.

Archery Range

The Archery Range is indoors and segregated from the firearm range.  It is 20.6 yards long from the line to the target with additional space for spectators or others Archers


We are offering temporary introductory rates at the Archery Range for only $10.00 (entry) and $1.00 targets with no time limits.  Come see us!   




$50.00    1 Year Individual Membership

$200.00  1 Year Agency or Company Membership

$15.00     Daily Entry Fee (Members may leave and return on the same day)

$10.00     Daily Guest Fee (2nd shooter)

$50.00     Classroom Rental Fee for training 

$1.00 Ea.  Targets

10% Disc.   Ammunition

Yes            Reservations

$1.00       Eye & Ear Protection Rental

* Some pricing classroom & range rentals can be negotiated based on frequency, class size, etc. Contact the owner.  Instructors must be members to rent classroom and range.


$20.00      Daily Entry Fee (No same day return)

$20.00      Daily Guest Fee (2nd shooter) No Discount

$1.50 Ea.   Targets

Marked $    Ammunition

No             Reservations (walk in only)

$3.00        Eye & Ear Protection Rental

DISCOUNTS (Member's Only)

10%           Military with ID (active & veteran)

10%           Public Safety Personnel (commissioned & civilian) with ID

10%           Senior Citizen (Min 65 yrs of age with ID)

5%             Claycomo Auto Workers & UAW (With ID)


$ See Training Curriculum List


$65.00 Cleaning & Basic Repair

$35.00 Estimate Only

* Parts & Shipping (if required) are not included in above pricing 






Firearm Repairs, Cleaning & Maintenance


A certified and experienced Gunsmith is available for repairs, cleaning and maintenance.  Please call to make an appointment at 816-499-8866.

Regulations & Requirements


At Claycomo Shooters we promote affordable safe shooting in a friendly educated environment.  Our customers are important and we respect the rights to possess and use firearms.  Practice and training are very important elements of firearms possession.

Age Limits - Minimum age of 12 and 48 inches tall with parent or guardian.  18 years or older does not require supervision.  

The four cardinal rules of firearm safety will always be followed without exception or the shooter will be ejected for the day.  Depending on the severity of the issue the shooter could be further restricted.  We reserve the right to refuse entry or remain for any reason or the lack of.  The safety of our staff and patrons is of the utmost importance.

Eye and ear protection is required at all times while on the range.

No tank tops or open shoes.

No rapid fire is permitted.

Qualifying firearms & ammo must be under 2000 feet per second to utilize this range.

Clothing, behavior and communications that are derogatory or is interpreted to be offensive to the Law Enforcement, Public Safety Field, Military or the United States of America is prohibited.  Overall, all patrons and staff will conduct themselves in a polite and professional manner at all times in order to promote a safe, considerate, polite and respectful atmosphere that is inviting for everyone to learn and practice.


Loading and unloading will only take place on the line with firearms pointed down range.  

Shooters must read and sign a waiver taking all responsibility and liability for themselves in order to enter the range and perform firearms operations.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason or the lack of.  We reserve the right to decline or discontinue a membership for any reason or the lack of.